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Sunlight Houses

This book gives an account of some of the houses that we have designed and built over 25 years of profession. As the book is designed for a young audience, possibly architecture students, it´s in paperback and a final price of € 9.95. The book emphasizes both the final result and the processes. It thus shows, in some cases, 3D images and models -we are the ones who make models of all our projects, because we understand that the model allows a real approximation to the volume that, many times, good 3D can mask-. They are working progress models that do not always respond to the version finally built. The accompanying texts intend to give the keys of approach to the world of ideas (which is behind what is seen) and also explain the contingencies that arise around what is done (and with which it is necessary to always deal with). A fold-out poster collects all the houses published redrawn for the occasion in plans, elevations and section, all at the same scale. In bilingual Spanish / English.

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